ISO14001, ISO9001 ja EUROCODE 5, CE


Paslode and Duo-Fast nails are made in Denmark, Spain and Sweden. Nails manufactured in neighbouring countries help to develop the regional economy, create jobs and make logistics more efficient. When a product can be traced all the way back to the raw material supplier, you can be sure it’s a responsible production outfit. Our industrial production process has been awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate.


Over 500 people are employed at Paslode and Duo-Fast’s European product development centres. They regularly ask professional builders for feedback and improve the quality of nails and tools (e.g., GALV-PLUS®, RounDrive®, EasyClick, etc).


Paslode and Duo-Fast help make the world a better place to live for our children. The raw materials used are as pure as possible (zinc content of 99.99%) and products are free of heavy metals, such as chromium, cadmium and lead. The use of hydrochloric acid has also been discontinued. The coatings on nail heads conforms to the EU directive and the solution content to valid environmental protection rules. The manufacturing enterprises have a ISO 14001 environmental certificate, meaning they follow a recovery plan and actively seek to reduce energy losses and inefficient use. Paslode and Duo-Fast nails are produced using ecologically clean methods.


Paslode and Duo-Fast meet both national standards (DIN, DTU, VTT) and EU regulations as well as other legal acts. EUROCODE 5 – rules for designing timber structures – is the most recent addition to this list. Paslode and Duo-Fast meet all occupational safety requirements, such as EN 792 and 75/324/EEC directives on aerosols. The group participates actively in developing standards in Britain, Germany and Denmark.

Manufacturing enterprise Products ISO 9001 ISO 14001
France Powder and gas actuated nail guns SPIT and Paslode impulse and powder actuated nail guns YES YES
France: chemical anchoring SPIT chemical products
e.g. Epomax and Epobar
France: anchors and nails SPIT anchors
e.g. SPIT Fix and C6/C9 nails (Pulsa)
France and Germany: power tools SPIT power tools
e.g. SPIT 328, 352 and D88E
Denmark: nails Paslode nail strips, Duo-Fast SN nails, Duo-Fast hot-dipped galvanised nail rolls YES
Sweden: nails Duo-Fast IN nails YES YES

What’s ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an international environmental standard. It is a model and set of guidelines for good environmental management and an assessment tool for developing an organisation’s activity.

ISO 14001 helps organisations raise their environmental protection level and it certifies that the company is also managing environmental issues in an appropriate manner. It compels the company to engage in constant development and to adhere to the requirements set forth in legal acts.

ISO 14001 improves the management of environmental risks and safeguards the sustainability of operations. It makes use of commodities and energy more efficiently, reducing the amount of waste generated. The environmental awareness of the company’s employees improves and the ways of influencing environmental protection increase.

ISO 14001 takes into account environmental impacts in all stages of the product and service chain. Joining the ISO 14001 system shows a company’s customers, cooperation partners, society, officials and investors that the company is committed to managing environmental issues.

What’s ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 sets forth the requirements for quality management systems used by an organisation to demonstrate its capability to supply products to meet customer demands and in accordance with all legal requirements. The quality management system also helps improve customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 can be used to create, document and develop, administer the quality management system and increase its influence constantly. The quality management system sets out the company’s quality policy and quality goals.

Since 1949, SPIT has been one of Europe’s leading brands for concrete fastenings and in the field of gas and other types of nailers. Products are developed and updated constantly in cooperation with French product development centres.

CE Marking?